As a sufferer of dry skin, I go through daily frustration with putting my foundation on as it always gives my face a flaky appearance, even after intense exfoliation with Clean & Clear's blackhead cleaning facial scrub. I've never really used moisturisers as they leave my skin feeling dewy and continue to make my face shiny throughout the day - a look that I try my best to avoid.

I never really branch out from my usual beauty products either, so when out picking up a prescription with my mum the other day in Superdrug I decided to have a quick look at the facial products. I ended up buying this Simple protecting moisture cream, as it wasn't too expensive at around £5 and the product looked great and promised to give 'protected and radiant looking skin.' 

I wasn't expecting much as no previous moisturisers have worked for my skin - (I've used Vaseline intense moisture, Palmer's cocoa butter and various other moisturisers) But when I used this product I was amazed. I've now used it about four times (once a day before putting my make-up on) and I've got to say this is a miracle product. My skin is soft as a baby's bum and my make-up glides on easily, not to mention this cream has an SPF 30 which is extremely helpful for this sunny weather recently!

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with dry, problematic skin. It soaks in quickly and has really seemed to solve my skin problems I've been battling with recently. I will be buying this product again and look forward to continuing to see the results!

Dayna x

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