It really is depressing to be working as hard as I have been recently (hello 10 hour shifts) and not even being able to touch the money! Student finance really need to change their procedures, loans should be based on our own situations, not our parents'! Mini rant over, here's a few things I've been lusting over recently.

(Working clockwise)

1. 'White and Purple Floral Two Piece Top and Trouser Suit' for £15 - which you can find here from Desire Clothing. I've been looking for a co-ord for so long, but can't seem to find one which I think will suit me, or my body shape. The only reason I haven't snapped this one up is because finding trousers that fit me both on the waist and legs is virtually impossible. Cue wearing countless pairs of stretchy leggings and jeans which would fit another person in the waistband..

2. 'Slania Aztec Print Trousers' for £21.99 - found here on Missguided. I want some printed summer trousers really, really badly. Unfortunately as I previously explained - these would most definitely not fit me and I'd end up having to return them anyway. Negative thinking I know, but at least it stops me spending.

3. Monki 'Miracle Neon Coral Zip Around Purse' for £6 - found here on ASOS although currently out of stock! This is just the most gorgeous summer purse - however I have been excessively using the Michael Kors purse/phone case recently that my boyfriend got me for Christmas. If I was to buy this then I'd probably end up using both at the same time.

4. Mango 'Lace Over Lay Dress' now for £18 - found on ASOS here. I've actually had this in my bookmarks for months, but can't seem to justify buying it when I'm meant to be saving my money and wouldn't have an occasion to wear it anytime soon.. boo :(

5. 'Yeezy Is A Gemini Sweater' for £75 - found here on 'House of CB'. I've wanted this since seeing it on Khloe Kardashian a few months ago - I love Kanye West and love the Kardashians even more. However the £75 price tag just doesn't sit right with a struggling student. One day..

6. American Apparel 'High Waist Denim Shorts' for £52 - found on ASOS here.  Who doesn't want shorts which actually cover your bum for once? These look like the perfect investment shorts, seen on the likes of Kylie Jenner. (told you I loved the Kardashians ha!)  Anyway if I work it out that I have the extra money after reaching my target for second year, I think I will be buying these so I can finally feel comfortable in some shorts for once.

What have you been wishing for recently? Do you have any of these items?


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  1. Im so in love with the frist flowery set! Great finds:)
    Im your new follower and hope you'll visit my blog too:)