So I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had recently bought a few summery clothes, from a couple of shops. As I'm saving for second year I can't go all out and buy an entire new wardrobe for these hotter months, but I think I've managed to add a few bits into my wardrobe which are more suitable than my ever favoured black t-shirts.

First up is the dress which my mum bought for me from Marks & Spencers, a pretty white lace smock dress. This was £15 in the sale, and features a plain white slip dress underneath the lace overlay which has 3/4 length sleeves. I spent a long time in the shop deciding between this colour and a blue one, but settled on the white as I think it'll be perfect for summer.

I also bought some New Balance trainers a few weeks ago after spotting them in the Office sale. I think these were about £40, and although not the colour I would have initially chosen, (I have way too many black shoes/trainers) I think that I can incorporate them into my wardrobe well.

Next up are my goodies from Dorothy Perkins, a shop that I would never usually look in. I bought these on the online sale and admittedly did only have a look at the website after I found a £5 off voucher code on Facebook. I managed to pick up some lovely items for a good price, however I did have to send back a light blue midi skirt as it was too big for me, much to my disappointment!

I bought this pink embossed t-shirt which looks quilted for £7.

I couldn't resist this gorgeous patterned vest top, which I managed to get for £10.

The last thing I bought from Dorothy Perkins is this peach coloured patterned jumper - for £7. This isn't something I would usually go for, but that's exactly what I'm trying to branch out to this summer.

I bought this next t-shirt (originally from Topshop) off a friend at uni for £10. She had it listed on her Depop and I couldn't resist.

When out with my mum yesterday she treated me to a gorgeous light, summer dressing gown from Asda. This was £10 and I just love the pattern!

I think ASOS would have to be my all time favourite place to shop. I do all of my shopping online these days and I find myself on the ASOS website every single time. I managed to snap up a pair of Puma tracksuit bottoms to replace my old ones as they have a hole in them. I've been looking for these everywhere and was so happy to see them in the sale for £12!

I also bought this white summer dress, which is longer than I would usually go for as I'm quite short (5'3!) But I actually think that the length is perfect for daytime wear. I think this was about £7 too which was great!

The last thing I got from ASOS is this thin, baggy, light pink/nude vest top. This was around a fiver and I've already worn it twice - it's the perfect summer top as it's so breezy!

Lastly is my H&M pink vest top, which still has the tag left on. I would have worn this already but unfortunately I don't live close to a H&M to get the security tag removed. This was £6.99 in stores.

So there's my recent clothing haul! 

Have you updated your summer wardrobe recently?

Dayna x


  1. Hiyaa! Just wanted to say that you have a lovely blog and that I'm now following. Can't wait to read more posts. Happy blogging :) xx

    1. Thank you so much! Your blog looks great too and I look forward to reading yours :) xx