I haven't posted for nearly a month now. How rubbish is that! I've been super busy with work recently, taking on as many extra hours as I can to try and save money for second year. So far this hasn't actually worked too well - I've managed to spend most of my wages and I haven't even been paid yet! 

I bought an Elite Xbox 360 off eBay for my flat next year, which I have wanted for ages and I'm really glad that I finally bought one with a really good deal. It came with 2 controllers, 8 games, 120GB and all the leads which is really good for the price I got it at. (£90!!) 

Apart from that I've bought a few clothes for summer from the likes of ASOS and Dorothy Perkins. I also bought a dress from my work, Marks & Spencers, as it was in the sale and is the cutest white lace smock! I'll be doing a small haul post sometime this week to show off my new goodies. I also bought a bright pink vest top from H&M - but I bought the wrong size, and when I went back to exchange it they left the security tag on! So I'm currently waiting until I have some time to go to the nearest store to me, as there isn't one in my town. 

I've also had some changes in terms of my appearance - I took my 16mm stretcher out along with my lip piercing, both of which I've had since I was 16! I feel as I'm slowly approaching the end of my teenage years, now was the best time to take the plunge and remove them. I never really thought about taking them out as I didn't notice them anymore, but I don't really miss them now they're gone so I guess it was a good decision.

Last but not least I bought some New Balance trainers, I just couldn't say no when I saw them in the Office sale for about £40! (I can't remember exactly, it was a few weeks ago) I'll feature these in my haul post later on as well. 

Sorry for the text heavy post but I just haven't had the time or inspiration to blog properly recently, especially as I work 6am shifts 3-4 times a week so I am knackered! It's so hard to go from 9 months lazing about doing nothing, to basically working full time again. 

Have any of you guys got jobs for the summer? 


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