Homemade Afternoon Tea

While I was home for the Easter holidays, I had the idea of making an 'afternoon tea' style meal for my family. I love baking/cooking, especially for other people - as some of you may already know.

I set a date, bought all the ingredients and researched some recipes. I decided to make three types of sandwiches on fresh bread, quiche lorraine, meringues, cupcakes, plain scones and a lemon drizzle cake. 

I made the quiche the day before - and I'm planning on doing a separate blog post on these, as I made them from scratch and they turned out to be delicious (according to my family.) Everything else was made on the day, and turned out smoothly. I had never made any pastry-based food before, lemon drizzle cake or meringues so it was fun to try out something new, alongside the familiar recipes. 

Here's a few photos of what I served up, and I'll probably be doing a more in-depth post about a few of these soon.

Have you ever made something like this for your family or friends? Do you like baking?

Dayna x

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