Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I've been wanting to try Rimmel's Wake Me Up liquid foundation for a while, since I've seen it's popular with some bloggers that I follow. When my Maybelline foundation ran out last weekend, I rushed at the chance to try it out and bought it from Sainsbury's for £9, in shade ivory. 

Slightly more expensive than what I would normally buy as I'm not a big make-up fan, but I thought I'd treat myself to something different. The foundation boasts to be anti-fatigue, supposedly removing all signs of tiredness and generally making your skin have a healthy, radiant glow.

After a week of using this product, I'm still unsure of whether I like it or not. There's no denying that when I apply the foundation it brightens my skin and helps to even out my skin tone, but at the end of the day this leaves my skin feeling quite oily. This isn't a major problem, but means that I have to reapply my powder foundation more regularly throughout the day. Another thing I'm unsure of is that this foundation seems to have glitter in it..which was very unexpected. I can't tell if it makes me look radiant and glowing or like a five year old at a birthday party.

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think of it?

Dayna x

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