A few weeks back, me and some of my friends decided to take a stroll through Newcastle and get some lunch. It was a really nice day, and we settled on The Slug and Lettuce by the river. I got a steak sandwich, which I've had before, and again was impressed by the food and the price.

Just before lunch we got spotted by a street-style photographer and our photo made it onto their Twitter. I'd post it here but it's not the best photo of me..

After lunch we walked down part of the river and sat down for a while, taking in the surroundings and chilling out. When it started to get cold we got the Metro back to Sunderland, so it was a short but lovely trip.

Sorry for the lack of blogging at the moment, I'm currently in my last two weeks of second year at university and I'm faced with 3 exams and one horrible research project to finish.

I'm excited to finish for summer but it really is bittersweet - I'm going to miss my flat, living alone and my friends so much!

Have you got any exams/work going on at the moment?

Dayna x

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