Rolo x Ritz Crackers

I've seen a couple of recipes/ blog posts around in the last couple of months about creating an amazing sounding Rolo and Ritz cracker treat. As a lover of the sweet and salty combination, I thought that I would give these a go at my flat to eat as a better alternative to scoffing a whole box of Maltesers.. 

These are really simple to make, they literally take 5 minutes so they're great when you fancy something a bit different but don't want to spend ages baking. I didn't really follow a recipe, but here are the steps that I took:

  • Lay out your Ritz salted crackers on a baking tray, and place one Rolo into the middle of each cracker.
  • Put in a pre-heated oven about gas mark 4 for no longer than 10 minutes (keep an eye on them, I managed to overcook mine)
  • Take out of the oven and gently push another Ritz cracker on top of the Rolo, it should easily squash/melt down.
  • Leave to cool for 2 minutes then enjoy.
These were really easy and yummy to make, although I didn't keep an eye on them in the oven and actually managed to overcook some of them so they weren't really edible. But I would definitely make these again.

Have you made these before? 

Dayna x

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