During my second year at university, I really got into making smoothies. I mostly used my Breville blender, but when my flatmate Claire got a Blend Active she let me use that. Although I love my blender, the Blend Active just made life a lot easier in terms of washing up and making my smoothies a lot less lumpy. 

Typically I would add kale, strawberries, bananas, ice and a bit of milk. I don't really tend to eat a lot of fruit/vegetables (especially when I cook for myself at uni) so these were a great alternative and very tasty.

Along with going to the gym, these helped to make me feel healthy and energetic. Now I'm at home I can't afford the gym, but hopefully I can continue to exercise when I can and have the occasional smoothie.

I'm currently adjusting back to life at home, taking the time to enjoy being surrounded by my family and my boyfriend..and doing the dreaded summer job search. I've got an interview tomorrow so wish me luck!

Do you guys make your own smoothies? What do you think of the Blend Active?

Dayna x

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